21 Ağustos 2010 Cumartesi

MSTeam at the Etsy Istanbul Meeting

We had a lovely meeting in Istanbul with all Etsy friends. 
We ordered a special chocolate cake with our party theme photo and lit a candle to represent our first formal meeting.
We prepared a poster with Istanbul's silhouett...
Mini etsy tags for toothpics... 

Here is the list of Participants of MSteam members at the ETSY istanbul meeting.

Pinar Sondal Toosis

Arzu Musa Arzumusa

Ayperi Soydan Periay

Hande Bilten handebilten

Meltem Semizoğlu meltemsem

Ayse Tuğrul supplier

Nesrin Kısnacık nikacollection

Şenay Akın senayakin

Estella Straatsma Staroftheeast

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