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Shop Local: Sand and Sea With the Mediterranean Team

Yay! This week we are at the article "Shop Local: Sand and Sea With the Mediterranean Team" , you can see the article here. The comments and reactions have been wonderful from the first day ..

As the Mediterranean Street Team, we would like to begin our story with the Mediterranean Sea. The word "Mediterranean" comes from the Latin mediterraneus, meaning "in the middle of the earth" (medius and terra). The Mediterranean is the sea surrounded by land and it encompasses many diverse cultures. The ebullient nature of the Mediterranean people is apparent 365 days a year and is revealed in our dances, fashions, and cuisine.

story by meltemsem and neonmorgan

The blue sun-filled sky, blooming flowers, and colorful towns combine to influence our taste in design: modern and unique, yet a little bit urban with a vintage style. We appreciate handmade and antique items since we have large families with rich histories. Every generation passes antiques, recipes and crafts to the future generations. You will see influences from my European heritage in both of my shops," says Ceylan, a.k.a. packageinstyle, "simple designs but bold colors." I also enjoy working with textured objects and vintage materials that remind me of the history of the Mediterranean region.

From the deep turquoise sea to the olive tree gardens in the mountains of the Mediterranean, the ancient history follows you everywhere. You can smell the beauty, love, and passion in the air.

Hilal, a.k.a. new moon studio, finds many inspirations from her Mediterranean background. The designs and colors she uses are crisp, bright and clean, like the culture and lifestyle of the Mediterranean.

gufobardo says, "I live in Sardinia, a big Italian island at the center of the Mediterranean Sea. It's an island that has been influenced by Spaniards for 400 years. Here, Catalan is spoken as well. The city I live in is Cagliari, right above Africa. The white of the stones of noble palaces mixes with the intense azure of the sky in the embrace of the impetuous wind. I walk in these ancient alleys and always find great inspiration for the design of my jewels and for my notebooks!"

ericosmicgirl, "an engineer who makes jewelry," describes her home: "To the eyes of someone from the Greek islands, Athens, even after almost 16 years living and working here, it looks like a huge collage of images so diverse and inspiring that they can blow up your mind: shopping downtown facing the Parthenon, having a coffee at Plaka between ancient ruins on one side and the dizzy oriental bazaar of Monastiraki on the other, high-tech buildings, construction reminiscent of the 2004 Olympics, and lovely neoclassical houses among them. I live 20 minutes away from the centre. It’s still green and quite nice."

"I am a daydreamer and I love fairy tales. Sometimes I feel like Little Red Riding Hood, but my story goes on in a sunny and lovely place instead of a forest," says sabahnur, one of the Mediterranean Team's cofounders.

Vildan, a.k.a. bayanhippo, feels very lucky to live in the Mediterranean region with its unique nature and delicious cuisine. She is inspired by the diversity of textures and colors surrounding her. "It is a pleasure to be part of our Team named after the beautiful sea that facilitates trade and culture exchange between diverse peoples," she adds.

If you are in Istanbul and near the Bosphorus, seagulls will wake you up early in the morning. In fact, you may need to share your piece of bread with them while having breakfast. Hande, a.k.a. handebilten, made a seagull ring that looks like the bird is about to fly away.

Ayperi, a.k.a. periay, says: "Whenever I see seagulls flying, I remember Bosphorus and Jonathan Seagull. One is a symbol of longing, and the other a symbol of freedom. My Jonathan, however, is the symbol of love: Mediterranean love, love of sea, and love of sun."

Pinar, a.k.a. toosis, loves making large, yet delicate designs, inspired by the colors of the stones she uses and by nature.

For Didem, a.k.a. dreamyvintage, being Mediterranean is more like a state of mind — enjoying life, diversity and being yourself.








Mediterranean people live with the sea. They enjoy the company of fish and they dance with the waves. The sea is the source of their lives. The spirit of nature is often expressed through the arts. Events become history, history becomes legends, and legends become myths. Our art is a vehicle for those myths and tales. We as a Team, continue to tell our stories with our products. This is in our DNA!

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